Manglobe Anime Studio Files for Bankruptcy

It’s a sad day for anime fans as reports started spreading this morning that studio Manglobe, who helped bring us plenty of highly praised and popular shows over the years, is no more.

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Blake Lively Closing Down Her [Ridiculous] Lifestyle Site, Preserve

I guess the Valencia-filtered dream had to come to an end sometime. Blake Lively has announced she is finally giving up on her lifestyle blog after 1 year of blessing us with $100 aprons and butterfly filled $136 pillows. She opened up to Vogue about the not-so-shocking failure to touch the world with her profound wisdom saying:

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Top 10 Girls Who Kick Ass In Games

There has been a lot of talk about girls being represented in games for the last year or so- but this list is about the positive end of that. Personally i’ve never felt too concerned with the gender of the fictional character i’m playing with and to me, the more creative looks that female characters wear have definitely served as a source of inspiration from time to time while i attended art and fashion school. That being said, i can’t deny the burst of excitement that pops up every time i see a girl kicking ass in a game- it just feels good to see a strong/intelligent woman represented in a game who is able to act without being the damsel. We may not have as much to choose from as guys do, but we still have a pretty awesome selection of characters to fall in love with. These are my Top 10 favorite bad ass chicks of the game world.

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