Recap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D “Scars”


First let me say- I love Marvel.  And I’ve loved Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D since season 1 aired – watching characters like Skye, “Fitzsimmons”, Kal and May grow and  make me love/hate them has been one of the best stories to watch on TV  [Please give me back Ward. Please.] One things i hate? Anytime a Marvel movie is about to released now they will shove “It’s all connected” down your throat with countless name dropping and random moments of “Hey remember when that happened in the movie? We were totally there. I swear.” This episode had ALOT of that- but it also had other moments that stood out both good and bad.

The Good: Skye’s Struggle

(ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

Once Skye started showing signs of developing abilities SHIELD pretty much immediately treated her like the unwanted step child. She was locked away, pushed around, punished, and sent off to some remote locations while everyone tried to ignore what was going on.  This is why it totally makes sense for her to already be so attached to her new home with the other inhumans. I mean it even came with a brand new set of parents. Who wouldn’t love that?

Warning: Some assembly required for mother unit
Warning: Some assembly required for mother unit

But this doesn’t change her love of her team and Coulson. During this episode she fiercely defends the inhumans to shield while simultaneously trying to convince the inhumans that shield means no harm. At some point Skye even admits to Coulson she doesn’t know what she considers herself now that she’s caught in the middle but with the events that unfolded in the last few minutes, it’s likely she’ll be forced to choose sooner than later.

The Bad: WTF May.

No, really. Wtf? One of the strongest members of the team has spent the last few episodes acting like the needy friend in high school who gets pissed because you didnt sit with them that one time during lunch period. Being out of the loop bothers her SO much she just keeps looking for ways to vote against Coulson to say “IM STILL MAD AT YOU”. Is it really THAT bad the guy who was brought back from the dead is seeing the therapist he trusts most? Should he have called all the others left in shield to avoid your ex? And didnt the last director of shield have a shit load of secrets ALL THE TIME. Were you this mad when Fury didnt text you every time he had to take a dump?

The Good: Mack Quits. Bobbi gets captured by Ward.


Sure at first Mack’s bromance with Fitz was cute to watch- but outside of that Mack is an ass. I understand a strong fear of aliens after what he’s been through but this guy has just found it too easy to not care about any relationships he developed while apart of Coulson’s team. His charm makes it easy to forget he’s a traitor – until all his hate speech starts pouring out like verbal diarrhea. His way of quiting shield just shows how much of an ass he is. Seriously. Who quits ANY job by walking into your boss’s office and just calmly shitting on the guy in charge’s life as you hand in your stuff. Good riddance.


Oh. And Bobbi was tricked into a trap set by Ward and his boring girlfriend. It was probably the only thing Ward did this season that made me happy. I just hate Bobbi for some reason. There is nothing else to it. Fuck her.


The Good/Bad: Reina and Jiaying

Two people made me love and hate this episode by taking me on a crazy emotional rollercoaster built by total psychos. First up- Reina. For most of the episode everyone is led to believe Reina is up to her old flower-dress-wearing-schemes again trying to work her way to the top of the inhuman’s chain of command. And you totally buy it. Just less flower dresses and a little more hot topic.


Her methods were so obvious and over the top i could barely watch her without rolling my eyes non stop. But by the end of the episode she dropped to #2 for the title of biggest asshole. #1 was taken by…

This sewn up psycho.
This sewn up psycho.

Jiaying, Skye’s mentor/mother, came out of nowhere and shows us a side of her that makes her relationship with Kal make sense. She quickly ruins any chances of future  inhuman/shield tea parties by killing shield’s evil grandpa. On one end- thank god that guy is dead. On the other end- cool. you just started a war.

The Good: Koenig

921253c64f324b7acb80880a2b6aeac3Any time Patton Oswalt shows up playing the many members of the creepy and endless Koenig clan is a pro in my book.