Tekken 7: Yoshimitsu

Yesterday a friend sent me this IGN article on Tekken 7’s design for a character so popular they worked a story around his ancestor to put another version of him in the Soul Calibur series- along with appearances in several other games. Yoshimitsu, the leader of the Manji clan, is a powerful and creepy-as-hell looking ninja whose story lines once revolved mainly around his work helping the poor and his fierce loyalty to comrades.

The face of kindness

His rival through the series, Bryan Fury (one of my favorite characters to play with), eventually kills a doctor/dear friend to Yoshimitsu, along with members of the Manji clan. For this reason, by Tekken 5, his desire for revenge replaces his once Robin-Hood-like storyline.


Yoshimitsu’s appearance has changed a lot through the game and with the reveal of his Tekken 7 design – which to me looks oddly like someone you wouldn’t want to fuck with from the Star Wars universe- here is a rundown of some of Yoshimitsu’s designs through out the Tekken series.

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PS- Bring back Gon.