Recap: Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Ep. 6

I admit i gave this show a shot because i had heard Lirik talk about it alot on his stream. With a name like “is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon” i expected another anime filled with fan service and lacking a real point behind it but to my surprise i found an actual story, interesting characters, and yeah okay some fan service i guess. [Watching On: Crunchyroll]

Basic Plot

When the gods come to live along side humans they start to form ‘familias’, which is basically a guild of followers, whose purpose is to take on dungeon labyrinths filled with treasures and monsters. Because why the hell not? The more they fight – the more ‘skills’ they develop. (It’s kinda like collecting XP in a video game.)

As with most set ups the main character, Bell Cranel, is introduced as a low level adventurer making his way into the dungeons alone and -surprise- he kinda sucks at them. True to the show’s title he meets a blonde adventurer who saves him from a minotaur attack in a dungeon and he immediately falls in love.  His goddess, Hestia, is also at a lower level than most, and -another surprise- secretly in love with Bell. The show picks up once Bell receives a ‘Magic Skill’ that allows him to level up faster and his goddess has a weapon made for him that reflects his growing power. At this point the fights are better, his fame grows, and -duh- the girls start falling. Because anime. Now the recap…

Episode 6: Reason

This episode dives more into the history of the mysterious but adorable loli girl, Lili, who acts as a supporter to adventures helping collect magic stones, items, etc. It’s pretty obvious when she is introduced she is used to being on the receiving end of intense abuse from the adventurers she usually helps and is shocked- maybe even a little annoyed- by Bell’s genuine nature. Still it’s clear Lili might have other things to worry about

The Good: So there is a God who just gets their familia insanely addicted to wine? 

During this episode we find out from the god Loki about the Soma Familia who doesn’t worship their god, but are connected to each other by a love of wine- especially one rewarded to top members that is described as so amazing ‘one sip can get them wasted to the pit of their souls’. This familia is basically a group of thugs terrorizing everyone, including their own members, because its easier than going to an AA meeting and nipping the problem in the butt. And when i say they ‘love wine’ i mean they are willing to do anything for that one sip. Loki says they have no problem betraying, robbing or….

really. really. willing to do anything for this wine.
fucking top of the line wine right there.

The Bad: Lili hates adventurers.

Considering when we meet Lili she’s getting her ass kicked by an adventurer, it’s no surprise she has some bad feelings towards them. But this episode tells us why (get it- the episode is called ‘Reasons’ because…yea) It turns out Lili herself is a member or the Soma familia- just without the drinking problem. Her parents were the ones who did the whole ‘do whatever it takes for the wine’ and died trying to make money by adventuring into the dungeons. Lili was left behind to fend for herself in a familia filled with alcoholic assholes who treated her like crap. Again…

This is all backstory. What makes this ‘bad’ is her way of handling it now with Bell. On top of acting suspicious all the time the second she sees a member of her familia talking to Bell the only solution she comes up with is ‘welp. guess i gotta get rid of Bell now.’ Because when your friend unexpectedly meets your embarrassing family the only solution left is to kill them.

We had a good run Jimmy. But this is the only way.
We had a good run Jimmy. But this is the only way.

The Good: Hestia points out the obvious.

I guess Hestia’s purpose isn’t just to be adorable, but also to slap Bell in the face with some straight up ‘no shit’. So this little girl, Lili, shows up being chased by thugs, offers to help you, seems oddly confused by your kindness, and your stuff suddenly goes missing – yea shady seems about right. Bell seems hesitant to accept this right away but Hestia isn’t about to sugar coat shit. How he handles it is up to him but she wants to make one thing very clear-

The Bad: Am i the only one who finds Aiz kind of creepy?

Meet Aiz's happy, sad, in love, hungry, sleepy, and playful face.
Aiz showing off her best happy, sad, in love, hungry, sleepy, and playful face.

During all this Lili drama we also see more of the blonde adventurer, Aiz, who saved Bell at the beginning of the series and he has been in love with ever since. Bell’s awkward shyness causes him to run away every time he is around her, and somehow those few seconds of seeing him get his ass kicked in dungeons and running away from her all the time is all she needed to develop a crush on him. For some reason she is pretty popular with all the guys and girls, but i don’t get why. She has no emotions at all. Aiz is that girl from those anti-pot commercials who looks like she has been melting into a puddle of exaggerated apathy for the last few years. She is the Kristen Stewart of this anime.

And she's just as pleasant as K Stew too.
And she’s also just as pleasant as K Stew.

The Good/Bad: Lili screws up. 

Lili Pls. ['Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?'/ Crunchyroll]
Lili Pls.
Finally the big reveal- Lili is a sneaky little bitch. She convinces Bell to go to a higher level in the dungeon to fight stronger monsters only to surround him with bait that attracts way more than he can handle. As if that isn’t bad enough she fucking robs him. While he’s worrying she’s in danger she straight up snatches his valuables and just says ‘sorry’ as she walks off talking to herself about the profit she’s about to make off of it all. She justifies all of this saying she’ll use the money to free herself from the Soma famila- but no. You’re an asshole, Lili. In between all her shit talk she gets jumped by her own familia who then leaves her to die. Surrounded by monsters about to kill her she has a moment where she just kind of accepts death and feels this is her karma for what she did to Bell.

Yea right around here is where i hate you too.
Yea right around here is where i hate you too.

But of course a hero wouldn’t be a hero if she didn’t save the day. Turns out right as Bell was about to be in serious trouble, Aiz shows up thanks to a friend suspicious of Lili asked her to check on him. Bell then has time to catch up to Lili and rescue her. She has a mental breakdown trying to understand his kindness but he insists he wants to help her with whatever she is going through and forgives her. This all happens in a pretty emotional scene that i totally didn’t cry watching.

This is where i didn't start to tear up.
This is where i didn’t start to tear up.
And this is where i didn't start hysterically crying into my pillow.
And this is where i didn’t start hysterically crying into my pillow.

Overall this episode was a good way to open up about Lili and give her character room to grow. Personally i get annoyed watching main characters being obviously deceived by their companions for too long because it just makes them look like idiots so i’m glad they didn’t drag out Lili’s sketchy attitude. Her past will still haunt her, her sneaky habits will surely die hard, and it’s not like the Soma familia went away or officially agreed to leave her alone for good but it looks like a mischievous loli has been permanently added to Bell’s circle. Next week looks like it will focus more on Aiz- hopefully they add some life to her robotic personality.