Tyler, The Creator’s Golf Pride Worldwide

Tyler, The Creator, rapper and member of Odd Future [short for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, or ODWGKTA], could care less what most people think of him. His music is drowning in offensive words, violence, and uncomfortable topics- and yeah i’m a fan of his. In songs about vampires, rhinos, and skipping school, the offensive words he uses become another nonsense line you laugh about because you know pushing buttons is the running gag behind alot of it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the anger and pain it stirs up for some. Many have called Tyler homophobic for his constant use of slurs but he has always insisted he has never hated gay people – it was just a word he used that he didn’t connect to the homosexual community.That response didn’t sit well with some of the LGBT community but life went on for both. Now it seems Tyler is making a clear stance with the same community that once accused him of being a source of hate.

On top of his music, Tyler also has his LA-based fashion collective, Golf Wang, [referencing his group’s play on ‘Wolf Gang’] featuring fashion and accessories usually covered in pictures of donuts, blow up dolls, and demonic cats- which is perfect for a group that is known to not take themselves too seriously and piss people off. But now the line has the internet buzzing with his recent picture of new merch that puts a positive twist on a symbol of hate. The shirts feature an old neo-nazi logo redesigned with rainbow colors and replacing the former slogan ‘White Pride Worldwide’ with the much more welcoming ‘Golf Pride Worldwide’. Tyler gives an entire explanation on the inspiration and reason behind the shirt that you can read on the Golf Wang tumblr. Personally, i like the message. I love that a symbol born from hate is now being used to generate positivity and inspire an open conversation on the definitions of hate, homophobia, unity, and forgiveness. But lets get one thing clear before you run over to the site looking for a line of inspirational fashion. The line is still Golf Wang. There is still plenty of nudity, familiar graphics, cats, and hipster-friendly prints which you could see here on their tumblr.

I’ll end this with a quote from Tyler himself- “You should know what you are wearing. be safe, love. RACISM FUCKING SUCKS golfwang.com”

Image: Tumblr / Golf Wang SS15 Shot By Julian Berman
Image: Tumblr / Golf Wang SS15 Shot By Julian Berman