Recap: Mikagura School Suite Ep. 4 “Apathetic Coup D’Etat”

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Basic Plot:

The show centers around Eruna Ichinomiya, an overly optimistic teenager who loves girls. While having trouble finding the perfect highschool to apply to her cousin suggests she apply to his school (partially do to his obsession with her that she despises) and Eruna instantly falls in love with the beautiful girl on the cover, which is all she needs to convince her it’s the perfect school for her. Once accepted she quickly learns this is no ordinary highschool. Student-run clubs battle it out trying to crush 3 crystals attached to their opponent with special powers the students awaken in their first year that can be summoned with the help of any item that connects with them. Each club has a representative that fights in the battles to gain points which can act as currency, give the students access to better living arrangements, and grants them other other perks. Eruna has trouble finding a suitable club until the beautiful girl from the brochure, Seisa, invites her to the very exclusive “going home club” on a temporary trial- which is really just Seisa who spends most of her time in her private mansion instead of participating in school activities. Now the newest (trial) member of the “Going Home Club”, Eruna is thrown into her first battle as the club’s representative and while fighting Hami, the calligraphy club representative, her powers awaken revealing she can move at super fast speeds and shoot a laser blast she calls ‘Toy Gun’ from her hands. It is also noticed her powers don’t require use of a special item, something only her fellow club mate, Seisa, has been able to accomplish.

Episode 4: “Apathetic Coup D’Etat”

Following Eruna’s win against Hami in her first battle her over confidence pushes her to challenge Seisa in order to become an official member of the ‘going home club’. What Eruna doesn’t know is Seisa is the strongest student in the school who everyone fears in battle, and she is quickly defeated and kicked out of the club. Now left without a club Eruna decides she will form her own club since none of the existing ones fit her, but in order to make it official she will need to attract members. She decides the best way to make people want to join her soon-to-be-named club is to win the Rookie Battles coming up in school. Her friends in the drama club are quick to jump on board with helping her train by forming the “After-School Six” focused on aiding the newer students learn to use their powers properly.

The Good: the After-School Six members

This episode marks the start of training for the temporarily formed “After-School Six” consisting of all of the Drama Club members and Eruna. Side note- Drama member Nyamurin insists on animal themed costumes for everyone in the club and now as a member of the After School Six Eruna is also give an animal and no way in hell Eruna is going to say no to anything that girl says

cuz boobs.
                          Because boobs.

Members of the After School Six/ Animal Costume Assigned include:

Together they form the most embarrassing group of friends ever.
Together they form the most embarrassing group of friends ever.

The Bad: Poor Yuto

Because targeting your feels right off the bat is always a fun way to start, the show kicks off with the depressing story of Yuto’s past. It seems when Yuto was younger he loved and admired his little brother’s positive attitude and smile but was unable to display the same enthusiasm for life. When his parents divorce his mother takes the younger sibling with her, leaving Yuto with his father and he starts to blame his solitary nature for not being able to join his brother. Cut to present time and the Yuto we know is lively and treated as the drama club’s father figure often relied on, but this is all an act. Yuto has been acting out the role of his younger brother throughout his highschool years to be more likeable but that mask is threatened when…

The Good: Asuhi Moments

Yuto’s mask is slowly falling apart after meeting the adorable and clumsy Asuhi. Just like Yuto’s brother, Asuhi is overwhelmingly positive which strikes straight to the heart of the popular drama club rep. One of the younger members of the astronomy club, Asuhi is a stand out student for his power to shoot stars from his telescope which made him the club’s representative even though he is only a freshman. His cute loli looks and feminine nature makes him just about the only boy Erona finds cute, due to her attraction to innocent girls. Common Asuhi moments involve him tripping over his telescope, dishing out constant apologies, and agreeing with anyone around him with a big smile- making him the one of the characters you fall in love with simply because its impossible to hate someone that adorable.

The Bad: Seisa’s Horrible Advice

So how does one handle their persona falling apart after meeting someone who reminds them of a sad past? The exact oposite of anything Seisa tells you to. Seisa’s own past is warped and hidden so she is the last person to really open up to or seek wisdom from. When Yuto opens up about his troubles she tells him to pretend the past never happened- just erase memory of anyone and anything that remembering might make you sad and move on. So in Yuto’s case, forget your little brother and family separating and just keep pretending to be the happy person you want to be. Of course this is impossible, not to mention terrible advice that shows Seisa has some issues of her own to work through. Luckily when Yuto heads back to the club room and bumps into Erona, she points out that everyone was always aware he was putting on an act but loved him anyways. The rest of the After-School Six appear at that moment and confirm they are find with Yuto being who ever he wants to be, himself or acting like his brother, because they would always be his friend as long as he was comfortable.

The Good: Katai vs. Eruna

Now that all those feels are out the way- the school’s Rookie Battle begins! First up is the adorable Katai vs. Eruna. Katai is one of the first girl’s Eruna met when entering the school and she has come a long way from the days of crying in her sleeping bag. She is now a member of the calligraphy club determined to make up for club rep’s earlier loss to Eruna. Her power, just as Hami’s, comes from a giant calligraphy pen which helps her bring her inked creations to life as a weapon.

Sadly for Katai, this is no match for Eruna’s athletic ability, speed, and her newly mastered ‘Tension Max’ attack which fires a large laser blasts and instantly crushes all 3 of Katai’s crystals. With this win Eruna is one step closer to her goal of winning the Rookie Battles.