Recap: Agents of Shield Season 2 Finale

Warning: Spoilers Ahead. This episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was definitely one of the best finales of the season and SO MUCH HAPPENED.

The Good: Hello Hyde
hydeThis episode brought us the one and only Hyde! When Cal starts to fade away due to his mystery vials he is injected with adrenaline by Simmons to save his life. And by save his life i mean- turns him into a rampaging Hyde out to get Coulson. Fortunately, Coulson is able to talk some sense into him and make him realize who the real monster is…


And the real monster, as we all know is Jiaying. The one who stats war, kills Reina for knowing too much, locks up Skye- again for knowing too much and disagreeing with her, and decides the way to protect her people is to kill any human in her way. Because she’s a fucking psycho.

The Good: YAY Fitzsimmons!!

fsOur favorite will-they-wont-they is back on! Simmons decides to bring back up the alm0st-romance between her and Fitz. I would get more into this but we’ll get back to that later in this post.

The Good: Karma Kicks Ward’s Ass


Agent Ward is on a mission to help his girlfriend, Kara, get the closure he feels she deserves in order to move on with life. This closure comes with a confession from Bobbi about selling her out to Hydra, but since Bobbi isn’t exactly sorry they decide the next best option is to set up a trap that will kill who ever comes to save her [duh Hunter] When shield comes on their rescue mission, they know in order to make sure Hunter is the one to fall for their trap they need to take out everyone else. Ward CLEARLY states he’s going for May, so whatever makes Kara disguise herself as May is beyond me- but he ends up accidentally killing Kara instead.  So ha. Your girlfriend is an idiot and you just killed her. This also sets up Ward’s place as season’s 3 big bag, heading to the top of Hydra to continue his quest for closure.

The Good: Bobbi Saves Hunter

As for the trap Ward left behind? Bobbie of course manages to push herself in the way of the gun that was triggered to shoot when her rescuer opens the door to the room she is in. This saves Hunter [thank the marvel gods because i’d be so pissed if he died], but gets hit Bobbi pretty bad. She cries she cant do this anymore while being taken care of by shield’s doctors- and im pretty sure this was going to lead up to their now cancelled spin off series. Im interested in seeing if they’ll just ignore her plea to leave it all behind since they are no longer leaving the show.


The teleporter, Gordon, has been the biggest pain in the ass for the agents. Able to pop in and out and deliver surprise attacks, they need a way to keep  him in one place in order to get a fair chance. In comes our own adorable Fitz to save the day. He develops a device that can trap the teleporter in a room, which throws the inhuman off and also gives us the best line of the entire episode when Gordon asks ‘How?’-

The Bad: Jiaying tries to kill Skye

So the psycho bitch, Jiaying, comes to the conclusion Skye wasn’t as vital to her plan to save the inhumans as she thought. Obviously she jumps to the conclusion all villains jump to- the ‘i have to kill you now’ conclusion. Skye manages to push the plan filled with crystals Jiaying wanted to use to awaken all the inhumans/kill humans into the ocean but Jiaying wont let that go easily. She begins to suck the life out of Skye but an unexpected hero arrives. Cal/Hyde is holding on to his promise to protect his daughter, and kills his wife who he has finally accepted is a monster/psycho bitch.

The Good: Cal’s New Life

I teared up a bit at this part- Cal finally did good when he killed his psycho wife. But he knows that isn’t going to wipe his record with shield. He tells his daughter how proud he is and that he hopes to see her again where ever he may go, and Skye agrees to visit. Cut to the near future and we see Cal has had his memory of all things shield and Skye completely erased and started a new life as a veterinarian. Skye introduces herself to him as Daisy, her birth name, and wishes him luck showing she kept her promise and visited him even though he doesn’t even remember who she is.

The Bad: Fish oil vitamins?!?!

BUY THEM ALL NOW. Remember when i mentioned Skye pushed the crystals into the ocean? Seems they made their way into Fish Oil pills, which im guessing isnt enough to kill all humans but taken over time could awaken some new inhumans for us next season.BRB-  Im going to go inhale some until i get new powers.


Because marvel is cruel in how they give and take, lets go back to the love that is Fitzsimmons. After we already celebrated them bringing back their sort-of-romance the show ends with Fitz asking Simmons out on a date. My entire house cheered- and 2 seconds later that cheer turned into the loudest “NO” ever when the alien blob thing they have locked in case was set free during the date proposal and once Fitz walks out it sucks up Simmons leaving her fate, and the fate of the fitzsimmons romance, up in the air until next season. WHY? WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?