Recap: Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Ep. 7

*If you need an idea of what this anime is about you can check the summary here*

Episode 7: “Aiz Wallenstein” [Watching on Crunchyroll]

The Good: Hestia Meets Lili

Hestia- who personally i think is the only girl worth loving on this show- finally meets Lili. After laying down the rules and telling Lili to take care of Bell she does the one┬á thing that sets off the harem officially. Challenges Lili by makng it painfully obvious she wants Bell while pressing her boobs into him, to which Lili responds by doing the same. And so the race to Bell’s heart begins. He, of course, runs away because he’s a wimp.

The Good: Bell Realizes Aiz Is An Airhead

And where does Bell run to? To the robotic object of his desire Aiz. Really he bumps into her at a bar and after awkwardly apologizing for always running away she agrees to help him train. During training he finally realizes what we’ve all seen since episode one. Aiz is a fucking idiot. His exact words were “airhead” but still same thing. She kinda half trains him / half takes a mid day nap by dropping to the floor. Again- why is she so popular with the guys?

The Bad: Nothing. Happens.

besides when the ghost of Bell's grandfather tells him to rape a girl
Besides that scene where the ghost of Bell’s grandfather tells him to rape a girl

I wish i could say this episode had the same action, comedy or emotions as the ones before it but sadly it’s not that exciting at all. It seems like a filler of information that might be important in coming episodes but did the story no good for now. In fact half way through the episode i swore only 5 minutes had gone by because there was so little development at all. They showed flashes of characters who look like they’ll lead to some interesting events but they don’t really get into it. You could really hold on even watching this episode until the next one, which i hope is alot more exciting.