Recap: MY Love STORY!! Ep. 7 “My Strength”

I said I wouldn’t watch this rom-com anime yet here i am. And I’m so happy i decided to give this show a shot because it’s amazing. MY Love STORY!! tells the tale of Takeo, a highschool freshman who is a pretty huge and strong dude often looked over by girls. Throughout life he’s dealt with all of his crushes falling for his attractive best friend, Suna, but there are no hard feelings. When Takeo saves a girl named Yamato on the train from a groper everything changes for him. Takeo automatically assumes Yamato must be inviting him to hang out so often because she has a crush on Suna, but Suna quickly points out that Takeo is the object of her affections. Cut to now- and Takeo and Yamato are filled with bliss in their new relationship learning how to navigate first love, because duh its a love story. Overall the show has alot of laughs and you cant help but smile while watching the kind of character usually pushed to the side as just scary muscle becoming the star.

Now for a rundown of Episode 7: “My Strength” [watching on: Crunchyroll]

The Good: Takeo Helps Judo Club

The episode starts off with a couple of guys asking for help in the weirdest way possible. They jump out like they are ready to attack the trio then after an intense stare down drop to the floor and beg Takeo to help them. Takeo being the typical ‘nice guy’ agrees before even hearing the request simply because they bowed and he doesn’t know how to reject that. They ask him to join the judo club, which he was a member of in junior high, to give them the edge in a competition coming up at the end of the month. Of course, he kicks butt at it and spend most of the episode training.

The Good: Yamato Is The Best Cheerleader

Yamato is everything i usually hate in a female lead but for some reason i absolutely love her in this. Her sweet nature, admitting she physically desires Takeo, and…i mean…look at her..she’s fucking adorable

The second Takeo agrees to help the judo club she is 100% on board. She supports him the entire way by making him food and sending cute texts cheering him on. Yamato is basically the perfect girlfriend and if this changes later on i will be so pissed.

The Bad: Judo Is Taking Up Precious Takeo x Yamato Time

The down side to helping the judo club is we barely get any screen time for Takeo and Yamato. Takeo is so dedicated to making Yamato proud he spends the entire month training. And Yamato is so determined to support him to the fullest, she holds herself back and tries to not to distract him. Throughout the episode their conversations are limited to Yamato’s cute texts of support and one phone call when Takeo  decides he needs to hear her voice.

The Good: Suna Continues To Kill Every Cliche Romance Problem

Suna is the only character that beats Yamato for top spot as my favorite. Every annoying anime cliche that drags out a romance to a ‘will they, wont they’ for seasons and creates drama that could easily be solved is nipped in the butt by Takeo’s to-the-point best friend. He was the one that tricked yamato into saying is was Takeo she liked while hiding Takeo under his bed to avoid any misunderstandings and allow them to date, and now he was the one to kill the kind of crap i hate the most in these shows. Yamato automatically assumes Takeo doesnt like her simply because he didnt want her waiting late for him [she was unaware the neighborhood was dangerous and he was being protective]. Suna stops her there and before this becomes a 3 episode long misunderstanding tells her flat out she’s over thinking and reminds her Takeo loves her. The end. She immediately agrees and goes back to normal. That is the most amazing thing about this whole damn show. Avoidable problems- avoided.

The Bad: Who The Hell Is This Jerk?

The day of the judo match arrives and Takeo is paired against a guy he calls his friend from junior high judo days. He is probably the worst friend ever- the second Yamato introduces herself he bursts out laughing at Takeo for letting a girlfriend distract him. What undateable asshole disrespects his ‘friend’ and his girlfriend in the same breathe? This guy. Ass.

The Good/Bad: Takeo Wins His Match. Yamato Swoons.

Im torn on this outcome. I half wanted Takeo to lose just because everything is going a little TOO perfect. It would be nice to see Yamato switch from cheerleader to supportive girlfriend after seeing the boyfriend she looks up to take a loss which would’ve definitely left him wounded. But alas Takeo wins after an intense fight and Suna admits “that was even cool to watch as a guy” as Yamato sits in a daze about to pass out from how impressed she is.  No cliffhanger. No lingering drama. The show simply ends with Takeo and Yamato going crazy over eachother. It makes you wonder if seeing his best friend finally in love will make Suna open to allowing a girl to get close to him.