Recap: MY Love STORY!! Episode 24 “My Heart”

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*Spoilers Ahead*

If you’ve been keeping up with this series then you are also probably having a hard time accepting that it’s over. We’ve watched Takeo and Yamato fall in love, Suna help them solve misunderstandings, and the occasional bit of drama that made us question how their borderline naive sense of romance could ever survive. The finale dealt with one of those twists when Yamato’s coworker challenges Takeo to see who she’d choose between the two [because he’s a jerk. but yea. we’ll get to that]

The Bad: Ichinose. What. A Jerk.

Not only is this guy openly trying to steal someone’s girlfriend, he’s basically trying to force Yamato to believe he is the better option completely ignoring her feelings. Every time he cuts in to make sure he is taking up as much of her time as possible  i want to punch him in the face. This episode his angle is that he has a competition coming up and just NEEDS Yamato’s help on call so he can win. Is she at least getting paid overtime? Seriously. Lets not forget he further challenges Takeo by promising to confess his ‘met you 2 seconds ago’ love to Yamato after the competition. Because his quickly escalating infatuation with Yamato in his mind beats the relationship that, ya know, actually grew- and is still steadily growing- from their experiences together.

*Continues to Rage*
*Continues to Rage*


One thing i don’t understand is how Takeo decides to just deal with Ichinose by accepting some guy is hell bent on stealing his girlfriend. He doesn’t once discuss it with Yamato so she can decide for herself without this competition going on behind her back. To make it even more frustrating he just blindly accepts what this guy says is true- that he isnt good enough. I understand feeling insecure but at some point when you’re in love with someone you’d think you could have just a little more confidence in the person you’re with and not need your friends to point on every second the things in your relationship that made you fall in love with each other. Fucking. Confidence. How has Suna not knocked you over the head yet?

The Good: Maki

There was really no reason for this scene to be a thing outside of reminding us Maki is an adorable tiny Takeo. I can handle all this cute.

*Takes break from Ichinose rage because babies*

The Good/Bad: Good Guy Takeo vs. Ichinose the Jerk

Despite Ichinose being such an asshole, Takeo just wouldn’t be Takeo without stepping up to help someone in need. Yamato calls him and let’s Takeo know that the egotistical dickhead Ichinose left his tools at the shop and they need his help but Ichinose is not exactly confident in Yamato’s knight in shining armor helping him out due to the whole Coming to Steal Yo Girl thing. But that’s because he’s an idiot. Obviously Takeo jumps into action and saves the day, confirming that he is probably the most terrifying Good Samaritan in all the land.  Note: this in no way effects Ichinose’s plan which is clear when he thanks Takeo and reiterates his intention to confess his love to Yamato all in the same breath. Did I mention he’s an asshole? Because he is.

The Good/Bad: The Happy Ending

After the competition is done Ichinose makes good on his promise and tells Yamato how he feels. Shocked because she’s clearly clueless to anything outside of baking cakes, she responds that although she would love to help him with his baking her heart has always belonged to Takeo. And that’s that. Afterwards is a cute wrap up of things- Takeo finally calls Yamato by her first name and their love once again is safe from threats, Inchinose names a cake after her as a reminder of his dream to make people smile with his treats, and school continues with the usual cast of quirky background characters happy to have Suna and Takeo in their class. The bad part being this is the end and I don’t know how to handle this.