Seeing Double: Did Gucci Steal Their Latest Talked About Accessory?

If you’re like me and follow a ridiculous amount of fashion bloggers on Instagram you probably have seen your fair share of fashion week and collection preview posts showing off new pieces for the coming seasons from all kinds of designers, and they probably also give you that sense of déjà vu you can’t quite pin point from time to time. Every now and then you see a look or an accessory being praised for its unique flair, all the while you are stuck thinking “Where have i seen this before?” – well in this case you can be sure you weren’t the only one who thought that. As Fashionista has reported, many fans are playing fashion police and calling out Gucci for their Spring 2016 nail rings that many bloggers have been posting all over their Instagram feeds lately. The problem being that NY designer Bijules has been making her own line of eerily similar nail rings for years now that have their own major following that includes names such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga- not to mention she has the design copyrighted. The brand’s designer, Jules Kim, told fashionista that “she will be taking legal recourse on the Italian fashion house for copyright infringement.” She went on to talk a bit more about the disappointing reality that such a major brand preyed on her creativity with the site telling them

“While it is an honor to be knocked off by Gucci, they have all of the resources to create something unique; instead they went back to something that’s steadfast and iconic of my company and that is unjust,” said Kim over the phone. “If Gucci sells those nail rings to stores, those stores are going to believe Gucci made them and not me, and that is not a fair statement.” – Fashionista

For now Jules Kim has made it clear her intention isn’t about the money but rather to protect her work and has already contacted her legal team to move forward with a cease-and-desist towards the proper party.

Gucci is far from the first major name steal the work of others. Stores such as Urban Outfitters have famously built their own reputation for stealing work from small time indie designers. In 2013 Jeremy Scott, the subject of the new documentary “The People’s Designer”, was accused of stealing the artwork for his Fall 2013 collection from artist Jimbo Phillips. And lets not forget Forever 21 has been sued countless amount times for their own reoccurring design theft. The list surely goes on, but for now the best thing people can do is show their support to the designers who worked their butts off trying to make a name for themselves only to be showed up by major style houses by continuing to keep your eyes open, speaking up, and most importantly by choosing to buy the original design over the mass produced knock offs.