RECAP: One Punch Man Episode 3 “The Obsessive Scientist”

Watching on: HULU

Watching on: Hulu

One Punch Man has to be one of my favorite new anime’s of the season. OPM tells the story of Saitama, who is a hero but really its just a hobby for him as the life of fighting monsters has become too boring now that he can beat any enemy in as litter as one punch. He meets Genos, a 19 year old cyborg on a quest to gain strength and fight for justice, who is extremely interested in finding out Saitama’s secret to becoming so ridiculously strong.  The animation style absolutely nails the overall comedic tone as we follow a man who has become emotionally numb towards his superhero lifestyle and dreams of finding a worthy opponent. By episode 3 he faces Carnage Kabuto, a mentally unstable lab experiment gone wrong thanks to a mad scientist’s obsessions to create the perfect species.

Now for a run down of Episode 3 : The Obsessive Scientist [Spoilers Ahead]

The Good: Carnage Kabuto

Early on we meet Carnage Kabuto, the artificial super mutant created by Dr. Genus who is the strongest – and extremely unstable- member of House of Evolution locked up because of the danger he poses. With Dr. Genus growing more and more obsessed with studying Saitaman he turns to CK to capture him dead or alive. After watching CK rant on and on about how great his power and intelligence is i thought, ‘Finally. This could possibly be an almost fair fight.’, but that’s because i clearly ignored the title of the show.

Carnage Kabuto and my ex boyfriend's have alot in common it seems.
Carnage Kabuto and my ex boyfriends’ have alot in common

The Bad: Poor Genos

I really hope Genos gets stronger, at this point he seems to just be there to show how the average hero would fare against these villains- and its not that great. But with his strength and power he would definitely be worth way more on any other show, just not against a guy who can kill anything with a single punch. As the series moves on i really hope they give him more credit and show him doing more than just getting his ass kicked.

seriously...poor Genos
seriously…poor Genos

The Good: Saitama’s Special Training

In this episode we are lucky enough to hear Saitama’s secret to success. His intense workout that sounds pretty much like my middle school gym class… No one was pleased. If we stick to this workout everyday for 3 years we can all be as strong as Saitama- keep in mind you’ll also lose your hair but alas sacrifices must be made.

The Good: Saitama Vs Carnage Kabuto 

Finally the moment we’ve all waited for- the battle. At first it really looks like CK was going to kick Saitama’s ass. Hell, even out here was muttering regrets with every punch. He didn’t even get a chance to punch. Yea, until we realize he’s thinking about something as stupid as missing a supermarket sale. It only takes a second for CK to go down and Saitama to have a meltdown at the thought of missing his bargain sale- because hero’s need groceries too. Luckily Genos springs into sidekick action and reminds him they can still totally make it. Score: Carnage Kabuto: 0, Saitama: 1.

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