debuts live cooking show hosted by celebrity chef Justin Warner


“It’s a show to talk you from Master Chief to Master Chef”

At least that’s what host Justin Warner, winner of season 8 of Food Network Star, wants his new cooking show to be. Warner and have teamed up to bring his own geeky charm to the popular live streaming platform known more for gamers by introducing “ChefShock”, filmed in New York and filled with enough nerdy references and banter to make the viewers feel at home.

“Since the launch of Twitch Creative where we celebrate the creative process, the art of cooking has become popular among our community,” said Bill Moorier, Head of Twitch Creative. “ChefShock is taking this format to a new level by adding a highly produced cook-with-me layer to the process. By mixing this approach with an interactive audience and celebrity Chef Justin, it adds a new spice to traditional cooking shows.”


The chill atmosphere of the show’s debut was complete with the chef dabbing for every donation, a “hipster Ariel” hanging off camera talking to viewers in chat and the chef filling in prep time with talk about his favorite games and adventures cooking for the rich and famous. A link on the show’s page guided users to an online cart of all the ingredients he uses ready to purchase at the click of a button listed a week before each episode airs so viewers are able to cook along with Warner while getting their questions answered in real time- the show’s first recipe? Meatloaf (and yes he sang Meatloaf’s hits while cooking).

For all the potential the show has and the fan base the chef, Justin Warner, brings in there is still a lot of work to be done to bring a more professional presentation to the millennial centered cooking show. Compared to sleek visuals from many smaller streamers starring unknown aspiring cooks, it was surprising to see such a hyped show sporting cringe inducing camera quality and the occasional audio issues triggering a string of complaints in chat. But despite the few hiccups, viewer numbers continued to rise with praise pouring in. User Dapper_Dollar commented early on, “really loving the show keep it up <3” and longtime fan of Warner, Xnighthawkx17, gave a special shout out during the stream telling Warner, “I got your book for Christmas last year and you’ve responded to me on twitter many times. You’re a great inspiration to me as a chef and person.”


For a first showing, the viewer count topped at 310 which isn’t bad for a first-time stream on one of twitch’s smaller creative categories but judging from the fan reaction and with a few production improvements, “ChefShock” could grow to be a hit for Twitch and finally get us “darn millennials” to stop ordering out and get creative in the kitchen.

“ChefShock” airs 5 days a week, Monday through Friday on at 8pm EST.