InstaShop: Brands I fell in love with on Instagram


If you’re like me you spend an insane amount of time scrolling through your Instagram news feed to the point it has become a second home.

My favorite thing about social media platforms like Instagram is how much growth depends on a combination of brands taking advantage of the direct line to their consumers and the business-savvy content creators they collaborate with. Instagram is home to the booming “influencer” business and a lot of that is due to their ability to capture the eye of their followers and share the brands they know we’ll love by creatively showcasing the product. That being said, it’s no surprise some of the shops I’m currently obsessing over I discovered through the Instagram grapevine- so I decided to share with you some of my favorite Insta-finds.

  1. Reveuse


Think Fashion Nova minus the extremely marked up price points. The clothing from Reveuse Online is usually *very* daring and sexy- you can find a few basics here and there but their market is mostly clubwear and street style.

Product: Apparel and Accessories

Price: $-$$

Delivery: Can take a while depending on where you live- the company is UK based but the product comes from China

Discount Code: “tracy10” for 10% off your purchase


2. Mori Galaxy

mock+tank+5Can’t say enough how much I’ve fallen in love with this brand. They might not have a massive catalog but the pieces they do have are a pastel lovers dream. If you love Japanese-inspired trends, cute artwork, or dreamy color palettes this is the perfect shop for you. Their Instagram is also great to follow to check out products they are working on and updates on their crowd-funded ventures.

Product: Apparel, Pins and Accessories

Price: $-$$

Delivery: Haven’t ordered yet but the website states items are shipped via USPS – shipping in the US can take anywhere from 3-4 business days while international orders can take 5-7 business days.

3. Butchered Boutique


I plan to write a post on this next but long story short- I love wigs. I used to buy some pretty low quality cosplay wigs for my looks thinking it was totally fine to spend little to nothing for a wig that only lasted 1-2 weeks, but then I discovered Butchered Boutique Wigs on Instagram. Not only are these lace front wigs perfect for cosplay and everyday use but they feel amazing, are long lasting, and you can style them in so many ways. Above I’m wearing their “Supernova” and “Fruit Salad” wigs.

Product: Wigs, Purses, Accessories

Price: $$-$$$

Delivery: The Wait & Save section takes a while but as the title suggests the prices can run a bit cheaper. Wigs in the “Get Now” section ship directly from the retailer and arrive *much* quicker.

Discount Code: “tracy10” for 10% off your purchase

4. Bronx Colors


One thing I really love is finding makeup that’s not only affordable but has great results. In the above image I’m wearing all Bronx Colors makeup- their team was nice enough to send me their Smokey Undercover Makeup SetUrban Line Beauty Stamp & EyelinerBoosting Hydrating Concealer, and Waterproof Foundation to try out and I was able to create an entire look for a total retail value of just around $50. I’ve used it a few times and can say I love how easy the eye palette blends and the concealer absorbs right into the skin leaving it soft to the touch. The foundation offers a medium coverage that requires some work blending it into the skin but the final result made my skin look incredibly smooth and glowing.

Product: Makeup

Price: $

Delivery: Delivery was quick and easy- can’t complain here.


5. The Skinny Caffe


First I’d like to say- I hate diet products. As someone currently trying to lose weight I wish it were as easy as some brands make it seem to just drop pounds by saying no to that last nacho. I decided to give Skinny Caffe a try after seeing their Instagram mainly because I figured- it wouldn’t hurt to try a new coffee brand. Surprisingly enough the original coffee flavor was so good I wound up ordering the french vanilla and pancake mix after I finished it all. I won’t say I lost 200 lbs overnight or anything like that- but I can say I noticed significantly less bloat and cravings throughout the day and I absolutely love the taste. I even threw in their diet planner notebook which is an insanely easy way to track what you’re eating and your workouts.

Product: Diet Products- Coffee, pancakes, syrup, sweetener, food planners

Price: $-$$

Delivery: Another easy one- only took a couple weeks since it ships from the UK and I’m US based

Discount Code: “ohheytracy25” for 25% off your purchase


*Just a note- I may earn an affiliate commission on purchases made with provided discount codes.