This is going to be my year to cosplay my heart out *Sponsored*


I’ve been working on a lot of things this year the top ones being- stop being so damn camera shy , stop worrying about how i compare to everyone around me and above all-just have some damn fun with cosplay.

Many times we look on at famous cosplayers for inspiration but it can also be a bit intimidating when you’re just starting out with a limited budget and barely any resources or skills. Sure i can sew- i studied in school for years, but i don’t have a sewing machine anymore nor do i have my old dress mannequin i named “Betty” for some odd reason in college. And i certainly have no idea how to make the crazy armor i see in my favorite cosplayers’  pages- but gawd knows i wish i did.

I could spent hours scrolling my Instagram feed staring at the gorgeous cosplayers bringing my favorite characters to life and wishing i could pull off these looks like they do. This is where just having fun with it comes in. I don’t need that crazy budget or to magically develop those skills overnight to be my favorite characters. It likely took years for your cosplay idols to get where they are now- but they had fun from the very start. I teamed up with to try out some looks and show off my love for their affordable apparel, and in this i saw my chance. It was a rare chance to have fun with cosplay that didn’t cost hundreds of dollars to put together, just a simple point and click.

Glamazonian Costume, $99.99 at

I fell in love right away with this Wonder Woman inspired look because regardless of price i felt damn powerful in it. Sure, i could use a better wig and i could definitely plan out my makeup more but i put this on as soon as it arrived and had so much fun playing the part.  I can’t wait to try on my other costumes and take pics to show you guys. And i definitely can’t wait to just cosplay my nerdy heart away.

And my love for Yandy didn’t stop with costumes. I also happened to find this cute romper to wear around the house and i couldn’t be any happier with this entire haul. Expect more fun looks from them soon, because i’m already building a new shopping cart [i can’t stop myself sometimes]

Cozy and Comfy Sweater Romper, $33 at


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