Get Spooky: Last Minute Halloween Picks

There was a time Halloween was the highlight of my year, the costumes and parties were a little bit of paradise to my weird girl heart. Then that ‘adult’ thing kicked in and even though i still love the holiday i, like many others, can barely keep track of what day it is -and i JUST realized Halloween was this Saturday. Needless to say i am not prepared. I might not have time to put together a costume but there is definitely time to snag a more casual Halloween inspired look. Here’s some last minute picks to keep it casual and creepy at the party.

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Hit a Stylish Home Run with these Mets Inspired Picks

The “Amazin Mets” are living up to the name this season kicking the cubs to the curb and stirring up a heavy dose of New York pride in their home state. Fans are going wild all over the city (trust me i know– my household has been screaming bloody murder every 5 minutes during games) but if jerseys aren’t your thing -don’t fret! You can still be belle of the base-ball viewing party while showing off your team spirit by rocking these super cute pieces paying tribute to their famous team colors. Best part? You can grab all of these pieces at local retailers while on your way to watch the game!

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RECAP: One Punch Man Episode 3 “The Obsessive Scientist”

Watching on: HULU

Watching on: Hulu

One Punch Man has to be one of my favorite new anime’s of the season. OPM tells the story of Saitama, who is a hero but really its just a hobby for him as the life of fighting monsters has become too boring now that he can beat any enemy in as litter as one punch. He meets Genos, a 19 year old cyborg on a quest to gain strength and fight for justice, who is extremely interested in finding out Saitama’s secret to becoming so ridiculously strong.  The animation style absolutely nails the overall comedic tone as we follow a man who has become emotionally numb towards his superhero lifestyle and dreams of finding a worthy opponent. By episode 3 he faces Carnage Kabuto, a mentally unstable lab experiment gone wrong thanks to a mad scientist’s obsessions to create the perfect species.

Now for a run down of Episode 3 : The Obsessive Scientist [Spoilers Ahead] Continue reading